Wells Business Forum

Nigel Gifford has been speaking internationally for many years professionally. A few months ago he came to us with an idea of a talk and we were blown away. Nigel is not your typical businessman; he thinks about things in a way that most people could never do.

The talk was “The Freedom of Ignorance” which was inspired by an interview with Orson Welles. This freedom is gained on a few levels. One of them being that there are no expectations when you are ignorant, as there is nothing to hold up successes or failures against, giving you the freedom to be bold. 

As we learned today, if you’re knowledgeable about something, you spend time wondering how you’re going to fit it inside the box, but with ignorance, you don’t know the box is there. 

We were all inspired by Nigel today, and I know personally I will look to not learn everything before starting a project and that there is wisdom in ignorance.

Nigel runs The Closing Pin Company – a business consultancy https://nigelgifford.co.uk/